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Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email We will be more than happy to assist you. 

Can I reserve space for my whole class to test at the Triton Testing Center (TTC)?

At this time, we have limited seating capacity and prioritize accommodated, make-up, and placement testing. If you have a specific need or would like to discuss possibilities with us, please email If this is a need you see continuing into the future, please contact the Director of the TTC, Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant, to discuss.

Can I send my students to take make-up tests with you?

Yes. Please refer to our information on registering testing dates and uploading test files. If the test already exists in our system, you can adjust the testing window to allow students to make up a test on dates that you approve. The testing window can be as short or long as you like, but do keep in mind if the testing window is very short (e.g., only between 8-11 am on March 3), we may not be able to host the student in the TTC. For special circumstances, or for assistance in setting up a make-up test, please email or visit our Virtual Front Desk.  

Can I send my students with accommodations to take their tests with you?

Yes. We are able to provide students with many accommodations. Please see our information on registering testing dates and uploading test files to get started. Note that while we can easily handle many accommodations, such as extended time or reduced-distraction testing environments, other accommodations (e.g. scribes, ergonomic seating, etc.) may require the your or your department's assistance.

When should I request that the TTC administer a test for me?

We ask that you register your testing dates with us by the end of Week 2 each quarter. This will ensure we have adequate space and staffing on hand to administer your tests. There is no need to upload a test file at this point.  

If you’re not able to register your testing dates with us by the end of week 2, please do so as soon as you know the dates or by no later than 5 days before the testing date(s). There is also no need to upload a test file at this point. 

You should upload your test file to Register Blast at least one business day before your testing windows open. 

Students must schedule a time to take your test with us at least 3 days in advance of their test day. 

How can students schedule a time to take my test at the TTC?

Students will be able to schedule a time to take your test using our Register Blast system. Direct them to where they will find detailed information on how to schedule a test.  

If a student is electing to use OSD accommodations, they need to be listed in their account. We encourage you to remind your students to verify the their accommodations on Register Blast and to use our accommodations update form if anything is missing or incorrect.  

Can students take computer-based tests in the TTC?

No. We are only able to administer paper-based tests at this time 

Will my tests be proctored? If so, how?

Yes. All tests are proctored by TTC personnel. All testing rooms are monitored by overhead cameras in addition to proctors constantly circulating around the testing room.

How will my tests be returned to me?

Please refer to our page concerning retrieving completed tests.

Will students be notified once I have registered a test with you?

No. Our system does not have that capability at this time. Once you receive an approval email from us for a test that you submitted, you can inform your students to schedule their test-taking time right away.  

Why do you collect my students’ notes sheets and scratch paper?

To ensure a high level of test security, we collect all testing materials and return them to you. This includes note sheets, note cards, formula sheets, scratch paper, or any other paper materials that a student accessed during their testing session. We inform students of this ahead of time (see FAQs for students on our website) and recommend they make a copy of their note sheet(s) before arriving if they want to retain them. 

Who do I contact if I have more questions or need help?

Please email and we’ll be happy to help! You may also visit our Virtual Front Desk, open Monday-Friday, 8:00 am through 5:00 pm (and occasionally in the evenings and on Saturdays).