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Testing Day Information 

Taking a test at the Triton Testing Center (TTC) may be different from what you experience while taking a test in a classroom or in an academic department. Read through our policies and procedures carefully so that you’re prepared and ready to begin your test once you arrive.  

Find us on the map. 

The TTC’s check-in area is located in Pepper Canyon Hall room 364, co-located with the Academic Integrity Office. Pepper Canyon Hall is located adjacent to the Gilman Parking Structure and just steps away from the UC San Diego Central Campus Trolley Station.  

Make a copy in advance of any notes sheets that are permitted by the instructor to use on the test. 

The TTC collects all testing materials including any notes sheets that you may be permitted to use on the test. If you would like to have your notes sheet once the test has been completed, please be sure to make a copy beforehand. 

Bring your UC San Diego Student ID Card. 

A photo identification is required for you to take your test at the TTC. If you do not have your physical UC San Diego Student ID Card, we can also accept a government issued identification such as a driver’s license, state photo ID card, military ID, or passport. We may also ask you questions to confirm your identity.  

The TTC does not accept the digital ID card found on the UC San Diego app nor a picture of any ID card Please ensure that you have a physical form of identification.  

Arrive 15 minutes before the start of your test to complete our check-in procedures.  

This allows ample time for you to check-in, store your belongings, and meet with our staff. We may even be able to start your test early so you can get back to your day quicker.  

During the check-in process, a member of our staff will check your ID, inspect the items that you are taking into your testing room, talk to you about items not allowed into the testing room, and answer any questions.

Arriving late could could result in reduced testing time or cancellation of your testing session. 

Know what you can and cannot bring into the testing room. 

The following items are always allowed in our testing rooms:  

  • Scantrons and other bubble sheets
  • writing utensil(s) 
  • your photo identification 
  • any aids that have been specifically permitted by your instructor for use on your test 

The following items are generally not allowed in our testing room unless: a) you have an accommodation that allows the item; b) your instructor has permitted any of these items as test aids, or c) our staff, upon inspection, authorizes them.  

  • Watches of any kind 
  • Personal water bottles (unless they are clear and have the label removed) 
  • Food or drink 
  • Computers, tablets, and mobile phones 
  • Personal headphones, earbuds, AirPods, or other audio devices 

Why are these not allowed?  

The TTC has two primarily responsibilities: 1) ensuring the integrity of tests entrusted to us by course instructors and 2) creating an environment conducive to testing for a variety of individuals. For example, if we allow smart watches into the testing room, we are risking the integrity of a test. If we allow one student to bring food into the testing room, this could be a distraction to every other student in the room. Because it is difficult to list up front what items would undermine an integrous and comfortable testing environment, this list is not exhaustive and items may be allowed or denied entry into our testing rooms at the discretion of our staff.  

Understand how proctoring works at the TTC. 

All tests administered by the TTC are proctored by real humans, either in person or on the other side of a camera, or both. This is to uphold the integrity of the tests taken in the TTC as well as to ensure your security and safety.  It’s important to know that all test-takers and staff are subject to being recorded by video at any time while in the TTC.  

No matter our proctors’ physical location, they are there to promote an honest and fair testing environment. They’re also able to assist you with restroom breaks, questions for your instructor, or any other TTC related questions. Thanks to our Proctors for providing us all with these services!