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How to schedule a test 

Will you be utilizing Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) accommodations?  
Before you schedule a test, please make sure your OSD accommodations are correctly listed on the test scheduling page of Register Blast. If they are not listed correctly, and you need to add or modify your accommodations, please use our accommodations update request form. We will send you an email once your accommodations have been updated. 

Please note that all tests must be scheduled at least 3 days in advance of the test date.  

As the terminology that Register Blast uses may be different than what is used on the UC San Diego campus, use this short guide to help you navigate the test scheduling process:  

Log into your Register Blast account to get started.

  1. Choose a group. Select the first four letters of the course code of the class for which you wish to test.  
  2. Choose an exam. Select the specific test that you need to take.  
  3. Select accommodations (if applicable). Check the box next to the accommodations that you would like to utilize during your test. Note that you are not obligated to use all of your accommodations each time you test. Please only select the accommodations that you would like to use on this specific test (e.g., if you’re allowed to use a UCSD device to type short or long answers, but you’re scheduling a multiple choice test, then you wouldn’t check UCSD device.) 
  4. Choose a date. Click the day you intend to take the test. Your options will be limited by the testing window provided by the instructor and available seats. 
  5. Choose a time. Click on the time at which you’d like to begin your test.  Your options will be limited by the testing window provided by the instructor and available seats. 
  6. Who is taking this exam? Ensure that your personal information is correct. If it is not, email for assistance. 
  7. Exam guideline acknowledgement. Please read this section carefully as it outlines what is expected of all test-takers when they test with the TTC. Click the box below the acknowledgement to indicate your agreement.  

Click “Add to Cart” and finish the check-out process. If your scheduling multiple tests, you can repeat the above process before finalizing your registration.  

If your registration was successful, you’ll have a confirmation email in your inbox right away.  

Having trouble scheduling a test? See the answers to these commonly asked questions. 

The test I need to take is not in the drop-down menu. What should I do?

Instructors are responsible for registering their tests with us. In this case, the instructor may have not yet added the test to our system. Please notify your instructor of the issue.

Why does it say there are no dates open for my test?

There could be several reasons for this. The most likely is that the TTC is full during the dates and times we’re authorized to administer the test. If you are using an extended time accommodation, there could be an error in how the test is listed on our system. Please fill out our scheduling assistance form so we can look into the issue for you.

Why can't I reschedule my test?

You can cancel your existing testing session and attempt to re-book on a different date or at a different time. Please note, however, that the only times you will be able to select are those within the testing window  authorized by your instructor. If you need to take your test outside of that testing window, please seek approval from your instructor by filling out our form 

I received my confirmation, but my testing duration is incorrect. How do I fix that?

Please reply to your confirmation email with a description of the problem. We will look into the issue and get back to you as quickly as we can. It is much easier to resolve these issues in advance rather than on the day of your test, so we thank you for letting us know of any issues as quickly as possible.  

I’m having a lot of trouble. Is there someone I can call?

Our Virtual Front Desk (VFD), shared with the Academic Integrity Office, is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 am through 5:00 pm (and occasionally in the evenings and on Saturdays). You are welcome to come into the VFD during those hours to get your question answered. Otherwise, you can email and we’ll respond to your question or set up a time to meet with you via Zoom to answer  your TTC related questions.