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Test Security at the TTC

The Triton Testing Center is committed to providing a fair, honest, and secure testing environment. We take test security very seriously and have a number of procedures in place to protect the integrity of the tests that you entrust to us.

What procedures are in place to ensure test security?

The procedures to ensure test security are often tighter than those used in classrooms and include the following:

  • Proctoring: All tests are proctored by trained TTC staff. Proctors are responsible for monitoring test-takers and testing rooms at all times. This is done both physically and remotely via camera.
  • Security cameras: The TTC is equipped with security cameras in all testing rooms. They are monitored by our proctors and office staff at all times.
  • Secured belongings: All test-takers are required to store away everything not permitted in the testing room. We provide a locker room for this purpose. This means that test-takers do not have access to these stored materials during their test.
  • ID checks: Each test-taker is required to show proof of identity in the form of a valid photo identification. We accept the UC San Diego student ID card in addition to valid government issued identifications.
  • Integrity checks: Each test-taker meets individually with a member of the TTC staff before they begin their test. During this conversation, test-takers are asked to verify that all their personal belongings are stored away, and we check their pockets and wrists for any prohibited items. Any items going into the testing room are inspected for compliance with the instructor’s test instructions and/or the student’s accommodations.
  • Test materials storage: Once printed, tests are put in an envelope and stored in a secure area of the TTC until the test-taker arrives to begin their test. Tests are not removed from the envelope until the test-taker is sitting down at their station. Upon completion, tests are placed back into the envelope by the student and securely stored until they are scanned by our career staff. Once scanned, tests are returned to our secure storage area. Test-takers are not permitted to enter the test storage area and it remains locked when not occupied by a member of our staff.

What happens when there is a breach of test security or an alleged academic integrity violation?

Because of these precautions, integrity breaches rarely occur. When they do occur, the TTC is committed to transparency at each step of the testing process. Should there be an incident where the security or integrity of your test comes into question, you will be notified. We will provide a detailed account of the incident in your Professor Portal and upload a comprehensive incident report with the completed test file. If the situation warrants, we may contact you directly via email or phone. You can then use this information to file an integrity violation report with the Academic Integrity Office if you suspect cheating occurred.

Should you have questions or concerns about how your test was administered, we encourage you to contact us right away via email or through our Virtual Front Desk.